Lake Asbury Lake Lot Owners Association

Who We Are...


As stated in our By-Laws, dated April 17, 2001, Section 4, paragraph (f), in general, do any and all things necessary to promote the general welfare of the residents of the Association and to safeguard the Lake from pollution of any kind or source.  To cooperate and work with respective Clay County officials in the enforcement of these by-laws and the local laws, rules and regulations, especially pertaining to law and order, trespass and health and welfare.

Public meetings are the 3rd Monday of every  month; 

Aug 18 - Sept 15 - Oct 20 - Nov 17 - Dec 15

Meetings start at 6:30, join us at the Lake Asbury Community Center on Branscomb Rd, next to the Fire Station

Need A Boat Ramp Key and Decal???

 If you haven't not paid your dues please complete the 'Key & Decal' form located in the  'Documents' menu then 'Contact' us to set up a time & date to pick up your key.

We Are A Golf Cart Community

We encourage every cart owner to maintain their golf carts to ensure trouble free enjoyment and for their personal safety.  As a courtesy yield to automotive traffic and follow the "Rules of the Road" by observing street signs. Remember, watch for cyclists and pedestrians as you ride; and please remember the dog walkers in our community. 

The Boat Ramp on Lake Asbury was cleaned up last month.  Special  thanks to those who helped.  We should get together once a month, meet, greet, and contribute.  We spent an hour cleaning this up.  If you would like to help in the future send us an email and leave me your cell number, I will text you the next time we meet to clean up.